Zuckerberg Reports – Threads Users Going Down-hill by Almost 50%

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a company meeting announced the retention rate of the new social media platform Threads is less than half. Having more than 100 million user signed up on the first five days of it release, the 39-year-old CEO takes it as quite normal and expects the retention rate to go up once they start adding in new features. The news escalated as the Reuters news agency heard the news announced by Zuckerberg on the employee call.

The company has added more features like “following” and “for you” feed as the social media platform faced major backlash from user for release the app with less features and failed to meet user’s expectations. The app also increased and added the scope of translating post to different languages.

He also addressed their work on Meta’s Augmented Reality (AR) platform Metaverse, stating that the work on it is ongoing but “not massively ahead of schedule, but on track” and that it is expected to hit the mainstream market from the next decade.

Headlines have been making since Elon Musk announced the rebranding of Twitter and revival is expected driving more traffic to the social media platform. On the rivalry side of things between Twitter and Threads, stories are yet to follow.

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