The Face of the six o’clock news dies at 67 – Goodbye George Alagaya

George Alagaya, BBC’s most highly respected and much loved presenters has died. He was 67 and he’d been fighting with bowel cancer since 2014. Over the course of his illustrious career, George’s talents took him from Southern Africa to various corners of the globe as a prominent figure at the BBC.

His exceptional skills as a presenter were recognized with numerous prestigious awards, celebrating his immense contribution to journalism and broadcasting. BBC today spoke of his special connection with audiences and many who worked with him here will remember him most as an unfailingly kind-hearted and generous television spokesperson.

Life of George Alagaya

Looking back at his life, many know him as the Face of the six o’clock news. George Alagaya was praised for his calm unflappable authoritative way of presenting.

Alagaya was born in Sri Lanka on 1955 to a Christian Tamil family. Him as a child the family moved to Ghana, where is grew in the young nation newly independent of its British colonial rule. At the age of 11 George Alagaya’s parents again moved to England where is continued his education at a Portsmouth boarding school. He met his wife Francis at Durham University. George is father to two sons Adam and Mathew.

For several years South Africa was the working base for George, working there as a BBC correspondent. As per his colleagues he was calm, brave and kind in nature.

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