Cardi B throws Microphone at a Fan who Tossed up the Drink at her – Video Goes Viral

Buzz have sarted on the mainstream social media when Cardi B throws microphone at a fan on her recent show at Las Vegas. When the rude fan threw a drink at Cardi B onstage, she retaliated by hurling her microphone at the attacker. She is seen quickly retaliating in a now-viral video shared on social media when a concertgoer standing at the edge of the stage tosses up the drink of a large white cup, splashing her face and soaking her orange swimsuit cover-up as she performs her No. 1 hit Bodak Yellow.

As security retrieved her microphone and appeared to remove the fan from the outdoor show at Drai’s Beachclub in Las Vegas. She retweeted a different video angle of the microphone throw after the incident, which shows a clearer view of the fan attempting to empty their cup at Cardi, who reportedly continued her performance after the mic toss.

Cardi appears to explain the incident at the end of the show in one clip from the show. “I don’t want to look like a ghetto girl, bitch.” “I said splash my p—-y, not my face, bitch,” she said on camera. According to People, Cardi also reportedly threw her microphone at a DJ who appeared to be cutting off her songs early during another performance the night before at Drai’s Beachclub, according to a TikTok video.

On the other hand, the video has millions of views and is still growing. Later, the rapper retweeted another video of the incident, which was shared by a fan account. Another viral video from the weekend performance in which Cardi B threw a microphone at a concertgoer adds context to the situation. Cardi and her DJ, according to a second clip from the concert, asked the audience to splash her down but not on her face.

“Give me some water,” the 30-year-old rapper said to crew members as her DJ told the audience to “splash her down.” “Splash me down,” Cardi said, and fans responded by throwing water at her. “That feels good. Bitch, put that s— in my p—-y. “Come on, come on.”

Meanwhile, the fan who threw a drink at Cardi B (@updatesofcardi) filed a battery report with the police. However, according to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, no arrests or citations were issued. The fan who threw a drink at Cardi B is still unknown.

The incident in Las Vegas on Saturday is just the latest in a string of similar incidents at concerts, where artists such as Drake, Kelsea Ballerini, Harry Styles, and Bebe Rexha have been the target of objects thrown at them while on stage, with some of them injuring themselves.

According to a licensed psychologist, Nathan Brandon, “The disagreed for personal space and willingness to inflict harm indicates a significant breakdown in empathy and understanding.” According to experts, this behavior is likely the result of the blurring of online and offline boundaries, which has led fans to clamor for viral moments with their favorite artists.

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