REAL MADRID vs AC MILAN: Score, Highlights, Best Moments, Results, and Recap

The match up with Real Madrid vs AC Milan to kickoff the US summer friendlies on Sunday (10:10 pm EST). The game was held on the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, California with fans packed throughout the stadium to witness two giants for the friendly face-off.

Opening goal at 26′

Twenty-sixth minutes into the game Fikayo Tomori scores the first goal with a fantastic assist from Pulisic, giving AC Milan an astonishing lead ahead on the match. A moment of brilliance unfolded as Milan’s Fikayo Tomori found the back of the net, sending the stadium into a frenzy.

The electrifying atmosphere in the stadium and the sheer excitement among fans showcased the impact of Tomori’s goal, setting the stage for a thrilling and unforgettable match ahead.

Follow up goal at 42′

Moments before the half-time on the forty-second minutes into the game Luka Romero scores another goal for AC Milan. The goal was a result of a sensational assist from Calabria, who expertly set up Tomori for the perfect finish.

Resulting the Half-Time score to be Real Madrid 0-2 AC Milan.

Real Madrid’s Comeback on the second half

Moving forward to the fifty-seventh minutes into the game Real Madrid’s Federico Valverde gave a bounce-back to the team in the game. It was then that Federico Valverde rose to the occasion and provided the much-needed boost for his team. Valverde scored a goal to get back on the game. Valverde’s timely and crucial contribution ensured that Real Madrid was firmly back in the game, setting the stage for an intense and fiercely contested remainder of the match.

Back to Back Goals

In the fifty-eighth minute of the match, Federico Valverde once again demonstrated his prowess on the field by netting another spectacular goal. With remarkable composure and precision, Valverde managed to find the back of the net, drawing cheers from the ecstatic Real Madrid supporters. His second goal of the game proved to be a game-changer as it brought the scores level, with both Real Madrid and AC Milan now tied at 2-2.

Last Goal to Wrap-up the Game

In the eighty-forth minute of the match, Milan’s Vinicius Jr. delivered a crucial goal for Real Madrid, thanks to an incredible assist from Modric. The goal proved to be the deciding factor, as it led to the final full-time score of Real Madrid 3-2 AC Milan, sealing an exhilarating victory for the Spanish side.

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