AC Milan vs Juventus come to a 2-2, Juventus wins through penalty on Soccer Champions Tour 2023

The friendly match up between AC Milan vs Juventus resulted 2-2 into a penalty in which Juventus won the match in California.

Malick Thiaw scored a the opening goal for AC Milan on the 23′ into the game. The 21-year-old German player finishes with an excellent header into the goal post.

The Brazilian star Danilo scored an equalizer for Juventus in 33′ making the score 1-1 for Juventus and AC Milan. Danilo takes full advantage of the free kick as he sled the ball beautifully into the post.

Olivier Giroud the 36-year old frenchman, pscored a goal by beautifully picking up the ball from a headed form Malick Thiaw, giving AC Milan an edge over Juventus. No flags were raised as Juventus were expecting an offside.

On to the second half of the match Juventus’s 24 numbered Rugani scores with a slight touch of head. Resulting the game into a draw of 2-2. There was no extra time and the game moved forward to the penalty.

Juventus takes the victory through a penalty shootout. The following are the penalty hits by both the teams.

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Penalty score Juventus vs AC Milan

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