Travis Scott Movie “Circus Maximus” is out on theaters following his new album Uthopia

Travis Scott is on a roll as the 32-year-old HipHop star back-to-back releases a movie following an album. The movie “Circus Maximus” is out on theaters on July 27, accompanying the album Uthopia (released 28th July, Friday).

Fans have loved the trippy visuals that can be seen on the trailer. The trailer was released through the official Travis Scoot YouTube channel where visuals like police car chases, prison scenes and many more. Fans have speculated that the movie is going to be an astral documentary, but some assume that it’ll be an actual feature film.

The movie is shot across various locations that includes five different countries like Nigeria, France, Italy, etc. The movies is thought to convey the emotion of the album which may be the reason why both the movie and the album are released on dates close to each other.

A fan shared a reaction video after watching the movie where he mentioned that the movie including the sound tracks were amazing!

Fan Reaction Travis Scott’s Circus Maximus

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